G2000 Gaming Headphones

The Each G2000 Gaming Headphones are engineered to meet your gaming needs to perfection. The headphones provide crisp sounds that are smooth and easy on the ears. With a dominant 50mm magnetic neodymium driver that has a standard frequency range of 20Hz-20KHz, expect nothing but amazing and immersive audio. The clear audio plays a vital role during action games where each movement of your opposition can make a difference. Hearing those and forming clear strategies can help you win the game. The 120-degree adjustable microphone can be used to convey the message to your partner during gameplay. The high-quality microphone significantly reduces background noise to prevent the communication during gameplay from being hampered. These headphones are compatible with your PC or laptop. The splitter cable consisting of a USB cable, green plug, and red plug is used to connect to the PC. Connect the USB cable to see attractive orange colored LED lights. You can enjoy gaming for a prolonged period without any discomfort, thanks to the soft ear cups. The volume and mute switch can be easily adjusted as per the gaming situation.